BetConstruct is bringing a universe of casino services together for ICE 2022

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Two years ago, nobody could have predicted where we all would be today. Land-based casino revenues were contracting, iGaming revenues expanding, and some companies simply continued to push harder along the same paths they had been on for years.

One of those businesses was the Cinderella company that represents much of the spirit of eastern Europe in the online gambling industry, BetConstruct. An amazing amalgamation of talent that touches almost every element of the online gambling world with solutions and opportunities for others. All the while, rain or shine, growing.

An industry that never truly needs to do fistbumps, or elbows because it is digital to the core, could never survive without human interaction because in the final analysis it’s all about entertaining consumers and every family simply must get together now and again to stay together.

“Delegates”, “Representatives”, Clients”, and “Observers” all participate in unforgettable and industry-changing events like the one coming up at Excel London for ICE 2022. It’s more than show and tell, and it’s more than handshakes, ICE is one of the events that makes us all a family – player, producer, provider, and advertiser alike.

BetConstruct has been busy building out its universe of products. Where once it was an ambitious tech company with big dreams and getting a little something done, that portfolio of innovation has almost reached critical mass.

Now it’s time for the company to show its “wares” and how they all fit together. Looking at the macro, one could almost say they have been busy building a stand-alone gambling universe.

Let’s take a quick look.

Spring Platform

Everything under the BetConstruct sun is powered by this lumbering, limber, and lithe giant of a platform that is infinitely scalable – the ultimate transformer chameleon that will self-adjust to modules with conflicting API before they are activated so that there is never a moment of conflict or downtime. Spring possesses the ultimate in confidence and can take on over 200 third-party integrations without missing a beat.

That is the power an operator needs to manage their business.

SpingBME console

Operators need intuitive tools to manage that sort of power. Enter, the SpingBME console. Now the “little guy” has more power over their own operation than the CEOs of Microgaming or Playtech had over a casino a scant decade ago. Who has the power to create websites, enable products, iterate APIs and order every type of iGaming service from legal to financial or even call upon some marketing expertise in one console? BetConstruct partners do.

BetConstruct will be exhibiting its complete iGaming platform and more gaming and sports betting solutions at Stand S3-110 during ICE London on April 12-14.

Please see here for more information about BetConstruct or follow the source link for more about what they plan to share as ICE gets underway again.

Source: BetConstruct Delivers Harmony Across Product Line at ICE 2022, European Gaming, March 21, 2021