YG Masters Programme sees Darwin Gaming release second title with Yggdrasil

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Darwin Gaming and Cherry AB’s Yggdrasil Gaming have announced the next installment in the companies’ continuing cooperation through the Yggdrasil Masters Programme. The most recent release is Roulette Evolution and it comes about a month after the announcement of their first collaboration – Baccarat Evolution.

The new roulette title has a customizable interface and quite a few new features for a fresh experience with immersive gameplay.

Features like Favorite Bets make it easy for experienced players to call up their favorite spreads or combination bets with a single action. Up to four combinations can be saved at a time for instant access so you don’t have to go clicking all over the table every time you want to make a bet you might play often.

Multiple UX/UI Choices for Players

Players can also choose between themes of Classic or Dark, making the game feel more like their own. The display toggle is almost instantaneous so players can switch back and forth until they settle on a mood or environment.

Turbo Mode will allow players to skip non-critical animations and go straight to the outcome produced by the random number generator call and displayed on the user interface. Turbo Mode can be toggled on or off freely between any betting rounds.

The game was released in two versions, Classic and VIP. All of the features remain the same but the VIP version has a more dynamic bet range for those who like to take it to the limit with higher value bets.

Like all of the games from independent developers participating in the Master’s Programme, this title is powered by GATI – Yggdrasil’s standardized development tool that lets developers create on a platform with regulation-ready preconfigured parameters. It allows for the development of a diverse variety of games through the toolkit. The games are ready to launch in record time. See an industry discussion about GATI on Youtube here.

The Partners Weigh In

Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil, Stuart McCarthy, said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled about the release of this brand-new title, especially after the success of Baccarat Evolution and Baccarat Evolution VIP which came out last month.

“We’re confident players will enjoy this versatile table game thanks to the plethora of features that make it so different from anything else on the market right now.”

Nuno Gonçalinho, CEO of Darwin Gaming, said: “This is the second game we’ve released under the YG Masters Program and one we consider to be a truly excellent addition to our ever-growing portfolio of innovative table games. We really can’t wait to see players enjoy the action.”

While the Yggdrasil-partnered games are among the most well-known to most players, Darwin Games has developed an entire portfolio of titles including exclusive games for some operators.

Source: Yggdrasil and Darwin Gaming release immersive new table game Roulette Evolution, G3 Newswire, March 18, 2022